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  • Our innovative fundraiser is designed not only to meet your group's immediate needs with a fundraising blitz, but also provide continuous funds for years to come by building your own patron base. And here is the best part... Your group's income will continue to grow year after year with little to no effort. 

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Print Happy Fundraising is an innovative year round approach to raising funds in today's financial climate.  We provide you high quality ink and toner replacement cartridges at a great price.  Not only do you save 10 to 20% off of OEM retail pricing of an item you are already purchasing, but your organization will earn a 35 to 40% profit on every current and future purchase.  Print Happy IS a forever fundraiser! 

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The average consumer buys three to four sets of cartridges per year.  Maximize your funds by sharing with family, friends, and anyone who uses a printer.  Not only will they save 10 to 20% on products they are already purchasing, but your organization will earn 35 to 40% profit on each order.  Just have them choose your organization during checkout and enter your name in the box provided.