With over 25 years of teaching experience and over 15 years of entrepreneurship, our staff understands the financial challenges groups face today and how important it is to maximize success with any fundraiser. Keeping programs well funded is the number one reason we exist and will always remain our focus.​ 

We offer...

  • A high quality 100% guaranteed product that is used by everyone.
  • ​The average family orders cartridges four times a year.  In addition to raising funds for your group, you are supplying a need for your patrons.
  • ​Our "Business to Business" program allows Tulsa area groups to raise funds effortlessly throughout the year  while adding patrons every time you sign up new businesses.
  • ​This is a high dollar high volume fundraiser where groups can raise a very significant amount of money even if they only focus on supplying ink/toner for family and friends. 
  • Successful groups will have no problem setting and reaching a very high goal!​​